Mid-Range Frangrances
All selections are sold in 1 dram bottles

As resinous oil and as such is used as a fixative. It is a gentle tree fragrance, mild and sweet and luxuriant. A safe oil, that is, easily likable, it will impart a soft, powdery type fragrance and acts as a soft base for the creation of a warm and subtle perfume. It is worn alone quite well especially by women and men with brown, auburn or red hair and golden or reddish complexions.
14.00 per dram

Earthy, but sweeter than Patchouli
14.00 per dram

This sweet fragrance of wood tones inspires creative activity and new awakenings due to its ability to soothe, to center. It adds a new dimension to a blend of resins and blends well with florals. Often this wonder fragrance can serve as a bridge, closing a gap between fragrances, pulling them together. It is also enjoyed worn alone by both men and women.
14.00 per dram

Myrrh is, along with Frankincense, one of the best known and enjoyed essential oils. I was used extensively in embalming practices of the Egyptians as well as offered, along with other fragrance sources, to the Gods. It has a rather smoky flavor to it, reminding one of its excellent antiseptic qualities. It is best blended with resins.
Base: A tree resin growing in Asia and Eastern Africa
Aroma: Ancient incense fragrance, strong sandy smell, slightly bitter
Blends: Frankincense, Labdanum, White Musk
Typicality: Generally considered best for men, but women with acidic skin can sometimes wear it too
14.00 per dram


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