by E. J. GOLD  

The chemical changes which are produced in us as a result of special evolutionary school conditions prepare the machine as a functioning electrical conductor for invoked presence,
which is the primary aim of our work here on the phenomenal side of the veil.  For our later
work on the non phenomenal side of the veil, these changes also indirectly prepare the non phenomenal self.

The alchemical oils help prepare the machine for work without significantly altering the basic chemistry of the machine.  Their function is to change the personal ambient atmosphere
around the machine, which increases the ability of the essential self to invoke its own
presence which in turn directly alters the chemistry of the machine by exposure to the higher radiations causes by this concentrated presence, along with the inevitable chemical and electrical alterations effected by the Heisenberg Principle which determines that even simple observation alters the thing observed, and that special, very intense forms of observation and concentrated attention produce unusual evolutionary changes.  This change is, alone, not sufficient, however, and relies upon certain other methods related to voluntary activity and the impartial harnessing of the lower centrums.

In addition, it should be noted that these oils (ancient oils) have the same general effect
on higher dimension presences that honey has on bees.  If, in addition to this, incense is employed, or the oils were mixed and compounded, an entirely different invocational
result would be obtained including labyrinth voyaging and navigation in the higher
dimensions.  The science of perfumery when viewed objectively in an invocational light -- that
is to say, in its effects and results -- is obviously more correctly termed, THE SCIENCE OF

In order to fully grasp the significance of these atmospheric alterations, one
must completely familiarize oneself with the various specific properties of atmospheres in general; their ordinary aromatic, visual, auditory, tactile, emotional, electrical, and magnetic properties; and of personal atmospheres in particular, in light of their overall blended
evocational, invocational, chemical, electrical, magnetic, and transformational properties. 
By working with the oils, presenting them to many, many individuals and learning to match
and subtly alter ambient personal atmospheres, you will soon learn be direct personal experience the atmospheric and olfactory keys to invocational work.

Mr. Gold has created the formulas and techniques which produce BLUE LADDER
OILS.  Although Mr. Gold no longer produces the oils himself, he
has trained others which maintain the quality and produce these oils to his specifications.  BLUE LADDER OILS are created and handled with the
deepest attention and care possible by the staff.