1767 – Townshend Acts

· placed duties (import taxes) on certain imported goods (glass & tea)

· Townshend hoped this would satisfy the colonists, duties over taxes

· money would be used for “the support of civil government”

· protests began – either way, taxed without their consent

· money used to pay salaries of British appointed governors, who did not need colonial legislatures

· more boycotts

Boston Massacre – 1770

· British have sent troops to quell the “spirit” in Boston, fearing rebellion is at hand

· Sons of Liberty opposed their presence

· Unruly crowd, throwing snow balls – troops let go a few volleys

· 5 died (Cripus Attucks is oddly mentioned over the others)

· soliders were arrested, John Adams defended them, believing they had a right to a fair trial

· found not guilty, 2 were guilty of lesser crimes, branded on the thumb and let go from the army

· Townshend Act cancelled

· Boycott slowed (except for tea)

· Period of quiet, hoping the worst had passed

Boston Tea Party – 1774

· Helping the British East India Company, Parliament passed the Tea Act

· BEIC could sell tea to colonists w/o paying normal taxes

· Act made BEIC tea less expensive than smuggled tea, driving American Tea merchants out of biz

· Colonist pressured sales agents to resign · Several cities refused to allow the ships to dock

· Boston colonists dressed as Indians boarded the ships in harbor

· They threw the tea over-board as others watched So there!