Cold War (beginning overview)
 Communism vs. Capitalism
 Russia vs. USA
 Two “superpowers” left at the end of WWII
 GB greatly over-strained
 France, barely rising from the near death of German occupation, internal divisions
 Germany in ruins
 China, not yet ready for the world power game, or not interested
 Japan occupied by the US

 Russia stronger than any other European country – no counter-weight existed if the US went home
 Russia on the border of Turkey & Greece (communist risings underway) – occupied northern Iran – held Northern Korea, some Chinese territories, Mongolia, East Germany – one could walk from East Germany to Shanghai w/o setting foot outside communist territory

 US did not directly hold land
 Voters wanted soldiers home
 Bases *air & naval
 Pacific was like an American Lake
 US possessed the Atom Bomb
 US had economic strength & industrial power
 US unharmed by the war (at home)
 Standard of living actually rose during the war
 US gave indirect economic power

 Russians were not allowed to occupy Italy (and its colonial empire)
 GB & US accepted Russian influence in Poland
 Russia seemed to like the split hemisphere of rule, GB & US did not

Russia develops & explodes their own atomic weapon in 1949
Cold War over-simplifies events between 1945-1990
Fought in political, ideological, economic terms – infect & complicate issues faces mankind after WWII