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Cold War Notes: NATO, Domino Theory, Indochina (early Vietnam), South America

NATO:  (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) 1949, 12 nations: Belgium, GB, Canada, Denmark, France, Iceland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, & USA – an attack against one is an attack against all – first treaty with Europe since the revolution

Domino Theory: one country falls to communism, then others in the area would go…

Indochina: (SE Asia) under France control (thru 1945) fell to the Japanese in WW II, Ho Chi Minh – leader of the Vietnamese (and a communist – maybe more of a nationalist) wanted independence, the American Revolution was his model – wanted independence from France…though not allied with Russia, Minh liked Marxist ideas.  US needed France and knew France could not hold Indochina – US helped with $$$ paying for ¾ of the war by 1954.  Vietnam divided along the 17th parallel, Minh in the north (communist) and anti-Communists in the south.

Eisenhower President 1954

Latin America: US dominated economics since the 1920’s: US troops in Honduras & Nicaragua, US feared communist activity in Guatemala: CIA overthrew Guzman (reform minded leader) & restored the property of United Fruit Company, seized by the Guatemalan government.  Castro overthrows Bautista in 1959, seized US property, US severed ties, Castro asks Russia for assistance.

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