The Care-Nurse

“I can only advise.”
Ms. Elda looked down toward the white floor.
“You, of all people, know this.”

The Care-Nurse, with her hair tied in a braided rope, elegantly wrapped around the top of her head, pretended to write notes, while she watched George through the monitors.

“The decisions that will be made will benefit George.” The Care-Nurse paused. “I am guessing that it doesn’t seem that way, right now.”

Ms. Elda rested her head on her left hand, her hair fell down, hiding her face and the thoughts that paraded through her mind.

The Care-Nurse continued, “ to be blunt, the status and your family,” Carrie paused, George’s situation will be…well…scrutinized.” The Care-Nurse’s voice faded as she said scrutinized, as if she was seconded-guessing herself. Straightening her light blue skirt, The Care-Nurse, strengthening her voice, saying, “George will have the closest of care. Everyone will be watching. Everyone will take care of their own.

Ms. Elda didn’t move. She knew the training of the care-nurses. She knew their skills. Ms. Elda withdrew, and waited.

“This may be the only moment for you to share. Only a few know of George’s attempt, but that will change,” continued the Care-Nurse. “Others will be alerted, they will come.”

Ms. Elda shifted her feet, a small distraction for the technicians who will review the record. As her left foot slid to the right, The Care-Nurse’s thoughts slipped onto her own curiosities, off-script, she said, “How many times has George attempted…you know…”

Looking up, Ms. Elda revealed her face to The Care-Nurse.

Surprised by the unexpected glace, The Care-Nurse felt happy, unbalanced, and forgot what she had said. She looked down at her notes, but she didn’t understand them. She had been too busy sneaking looks at the monitor to write anything of value. So she and, “My name is Carrie, I am here to help you and George, and I am honored to be in your presence.” Internally, Carrie felt star-struck – this is Ms. Elda.

Ms. Elda thought: this one can be trusted, and lowered her gaze toward the floor, and straightened her feet. Carrie resumed the consoling portion of her duties. The moment passed like a cough or a hic-up. She asked, “Would you like to watch George’s interview? All parents have the right to watch this part of the Rehabilitation. Once he accepts his place, George will again be re-oriented and fit within the Circle.

With renewed confidence, Carrie advised, speaking from a script that felt like her own thoughts, “Here is the form that grants George understanding for his choice. We all strive to understand, even things and events that we do not understand, we strive.” With a compassion that Care-Nurses possess, she continued, “I love all The People in The Circle, and I will care for George until he finds his place among us.”

“If you wish to sit here quietly or call your partner or visit one of our many rooms of self-reflection, it’s all the same. Whatever you wish, we will give you the time and the space to consider and reflect.” “Though,” Carrie continued, “you may not visit or observe your son until you have offered your consent on the form. Know George is resting, and The Care-Nurses will bring him comfort and understanding while you consider.”